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Volcanicdramon returns and first OMEGA details Growlmon News // May 18 2018 //

Volcanicdramon returns together with its usual quest ticket capture as a surprise in the middle of our already busy rush event. The event is the same as always and you can read more about raising your own big dragon in the guide here.

Omegamon's arrival has also been announced with a byte exchange event starting next week. This event will also last until the end of our current event on the 3rd of June (JST) so you should have a lot of time to farm for him besides the already ongoing rush event. (Current image is a placeholder)

There will also be maintenance before the OMEGA event which will probably change our daily quests to be similar to the new daily quest system of the Japanese version where daily quests cost a lot of stamina but also give a LOT of plugin drops so you don't have to constantly grind for those pesky V1 and V2 plugins. A nearly identical patch was done on the Japanese version on the 26th of April (JST). The full details are below and the times are displayed in your local time already.

[Maintenance Dates and Times]

[Update Details]
- Adjust Daily Quests
- Improve effects of Legacy Skills that boost Attack, Defense, S-Attack, and S-Defense
- Implement new skills, chips, and events
- Implement process to remember Farm camera angles
- Implement process to remember Digimon and chip sorting and filter conditions
- Fix display bug when taking Poison damage
- Fix unintended counter-skill activation

Furthermore, the following changes will be implemented, and have no impact on in-game effects or statuses.
- Change icon image for Boot Chips
- Change Meicrackmon VM description
- Change Raguelmon description

Mighty Ancient Dragon Event Guide Growlmon News // May 14 2018 //

Iconic holy knights are coming to Links! Events coming soon are confirmed to be Omegamon and Imperialdramon PM. Prepare to farm a lot of fragments for their fusion counterparts in this advent rush. Growlmon has got you covered with an event guide with a forecasted schedule of the rush stage and strategy to beat the stages.

In other news, many facilities of your Digifarm will have boosted rates such as 1.5x feeding XP, double meat harvest and 1.5x medal transfer rate! This will last until (this time is already displayed in your local time)

UPDATE: The guide has been updated with the full rush schedule, information about the 'Mighty' stage and the stats of the big final boss - Imperialdramon FM.

Mighty Ancient Dragon Datamine Digimon Links News // May 14 2018 //

As expected, the 'Mighty Ancient Dragon' event is a rush for Imperialdramon DM, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. This should be enough to believe that Omegamon and Imperialdramon PM are also coming to Links soon!

The new event is a rush with a special, timed stage where we will likely face Imperialdramon FM as can be seen on the image. There are typical rush chips that enhance both drops and your Digimon's stats. There is also a new gacha banner for linked leader skills where you can get the pre-digivolutions of the upcoming featured event Digimon.

We will of course update you throughout the day with a guide, a predicted rush stage schedule and more! You can read more details with already datamined news images on the event page.

UPDATE: The next event is called 'OMEGA' and you will be able to farm status specialty chips for it during the 'Mighty Ancient Dragon' event. I think it is pretty obvious which Digimon will be featured in it!

Mighty Ancient Dragon Speculation Digimon Links News // May 11 2018 //

A new event was announced in the news which is called 'Mighty Ancient Dragon'. This event seems to be a rush event as it only has Hard and Expert difficulties and a special 'Mighty' difficulty which opens at set times. Notably, this event last a whopping 3 weeks.

The following is speculation: Imperialdramon DM, Imperialdramon FM and Imperialdramon PM are the only other 'Ancient Dragon' Digimon besides AncientGreymon as officially listed in the Digimon TCG. It is likely that during the upcoming 3 weeks we may get events for Imperialdramon DM and Imperialdramon PM but also for Omegamon and his fusion parts because you will also need Omegamon fragments to make the big Paladin.

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