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Chaos Piercing Fist Event Guide Growlmon News // Mar 16 2018 //

The Chaos Piercing Fist event allows you to challenge BanchoLeomon and ChaosGallantmon. Among the rewards are not only their data fragments and the usual Digistones and the like but also the new Light Skill Boot chips (which should have been called Light Skill Boost). These chips boost the power of your Light skills and work exceptionally well on multi-hit Digimon as they boost every hit by the same amount!

There are also 2 new packs in the store for a limited time. These packs contain the following:
(Prices are approximate and differ per region)

Bancho Pack
  • GrapLeomon +1
    (Comes with Ancient Lupine Lunge leader skill)
  • 100 DigiStones
  • Cost: ~$20 US
Chaos Pack
  • WarGrowlmon +2
    (Comes with Ancient Lupine Lunge leader skill)
  • 150 DigiStones
  • (S)pecial Event Chip* (As good as C chip)
  • Cost: ~$30 US

The Special Event Chip can be stacked with the regular event chip on a single Digimon!

Check out all the details of the shop pack and the new event on the new event page! Sorry for the delay today as the new event schedule caught Growlmon off-guard.

WE ARE LIVE! Digimon Links News // Mar 15 2018 //

Digimon Links is back and there is a beefy compensation package for the downtime. Not only that but the advent quests have been extended and moved. The Swift Blue Wolf event and Roar of the Moonlight have also been extended. PVP rewards from the first interim period have now been added to the second period to be awarded together.

【Distribution contents】
・DigiStones x1000
・Each plugin ver1.0~ver4.0 x100
・Gourmet meat x3
・Cluster 300000
・BP 300
※They will be sent to your present box directly when you will login.

The full newspost can be found here. Let's play again!

New Datamine! A Sign of Life! Digimon Links News // Mar 14 2018 //

Some new files were just added to Links! This could signal that maintenance is really coming to close and we can finally go back to see our Digimon friends. There has been no official announcement on when the servers will come back online unfortunately.

New assets show us the new MEGA Digimon in the upcoming Mega Festival Capture and more details about the Legacy Skill Capture. Growlmon will update the event database with adjusted dates for these events as soon as we find out.

If you see any mistakes or would like to give feedback about the website, please message /u/ChasingRaccoons on reddit!

I have set up a Patreon page on recommendation of a few community members. The website is not in danger and I will keep working just as hard regardless of donations so no worries.

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