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New features on Growlmon Growlmon News // Apr 23 2018 //

Two new Digimon were added to Growlmon that are already out on the Japanese server. These are UlforceVeedramon X and Armageddemon. We will probably have to wait for these to come to our global server for a while.

A new feature has also been added to the databases - Damage Rankings - on this page you can see how much damage Digimon actually do in game and see who reigns supreme on actual damage. A big thanks to Chortos-2 for making this possible! A more advanced damage calculator is also in the works where you can adjust many parameters to see how much damage your Digimon does on certain targets.

An Invasion of Dragons! Digimon Links News // Apr 23 2018 //

Next week, the Bloodline of Dragon Emperor event kicks off! (The image in the tracker is a placeholder!) This is a 2 week exchange event for Brakedramon and Slayerdramon. This event will probably be followed by a ranking event for Examon, an extremely strong Digimon with a unique move that does both harsh single target damage as well as leaving splash damage on other enemy Digimon!

In other news, the Volcanicdramon event is now confirmed to not reset and the events are identical to the old ones so you can still refer to the guides from earlier.

Volcanicdramon is flying by again! Digimon Links News // Apr 19 2018 //

The big boss dragon, Volcanicdramon is swooping in again! The event will be the same as last time, even keeping its original name. The same ticket banner as last time is also coming along with it. It is not confirmed if the events will be 100% the same as earlier but it is very likely they will be. These events are also often recurring on the Japanese version so you can gradually work towards raising your own dragon.

The current ending dates in the tracker above are still estimates but the starting dates are a sure thing! The event releases tomorrow. It is not yet confirmed if the stages will be reset.

Get ready for this event by reading the guide on how to raise your Volcanicdramon, reading the event page from last time and by watching the video on how to beat Volcanicdramon easily!

MegaFusions Event Guide Growlmon News // Apr 16 2018 //

The strongest AOE light attacker in the game, Millenniummon has arrived! In this week's guide we have the usual point calculator, strategy and this time also a look at how many DigiStones you have to spend if you want to chase the big rewards this week, check it out on the event page.

Small Datamine Digimon Links News // Apr 16 2018 //

In a bit, Hina will allow everyone to play Links again! You can expect to see a new medal capture when the game goes live again. The new banner suggests that we will also be able to earn Machinedramon in the upcoming event. Later today the MegaFusions event is going live as well. Of course Growlmon will bring you a guide with a point calculator as usual.

UPDATE: Reward table and point calculator added to the MegaFusions event page. Also, Durandamon has been buffed to his Japanese versions' and his stats are now correct on Growlmon.

A special day for Growlmon's friend! Growlmon News // Apr 15 2018 //

Sometimes you may see Growlmon's confused face on the error page and any time you visit Growlmon you can see his happy face at the top of the page. These graphics are made by Growlmon's friend Cachomon! And since it's her birthday, go and wish her a happy birthday on her deviantArt.

Have you always wanted a desktop companion? Or maybe you have always wanted your own custom Digimon brought to life? Then make sure to visit Cachomon! You can see her Digimon artwork here specifically.

If you see any mistakes or would like to give feedback about the website, please message /u/ChasingRaccoons on reddit!

I have set up a Patreon page on recommendation of a few community members. The website is not in danger and I will keep working just as hard regardless of donations so no worries.

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