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Ultimate Gods of War Event Guide Growlmon News // August 20 2018 //

The 'ultimate gods of war' have arrived. Are you ready to challenge them? They are all awaiting you in the intense difficulty at once. Check out the event guide on how to beat them and to make sure to get that 5 round bonus.

Ultimate Gods of War Datamine Digimon Links News // August 20 2018 //

In addition to the previously announced Susanoomon and AncientGarurumon, another Digimon will be joining the rewards for the 'Ultimate Gods of War' event. AncientGreymon will make its return! This event will have a special bonus for clearing the intense or expert difficulty stages within 5 rounds.

Fortunately, there is only 1 event chip again and included in the chip capture are the new 'Bright Killer' chips, which allow the equipped Digimon to dish out extra damage to Bright type Digimon by trading off some of its own defenses.

A new bonus campaign will also be active when the event launches, increasing medal transfer rates by 1.5x and increasing your meat's EXP by 2x.

You can already take a look at the mined newspost and of course expect a guide later on the event page.

Volcanicdramon and "Ultimate Gods of War" Digimon Links News // August 17 2018 //

Volcanicdramon is flying by again and brings along his usual ticket capture. After that, next week's new event will be called 'Ultimate Gods of War'. This will be a data byte collection event featuring a familiar face, Susanoomon and a newcomer, AncientGarurumon. Growlmon will of course keep you updated if any more information about this event becomes available.

Soaring Wings Aflame Event Guide Growlmon News // August 14 2018 //

Sorry for the delayed completion of the guide! Growlmon was busy but has returned with the full guide and with the adjusted point calculator. In case you didn't know yet, the point chips are bugged and also multiply lower point chip bonuses. More information about this can be found with the adjusted point calculator on the event page.

It is unknown if Bandai has even acknowledged the issue and what kind of measures they may take upon finding out. In any case, everything about the event can be found in the now completed event guide.

If you see any mistakes or would like to give feedback about the website, please message /u/ChasingRaccoons on reddit!

I have set up a Patreon page on recommendation of a few community members. The website is not in danger and I will keep working just as hard regardless of donations so no worries.

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