Growlmon's Goodbye

Hi Tamers! As you may have noticed, Growlmon was offline for a few days. Growlmon has been using a lot of resources and unfortunately, he is not welcome on his host anymore - in fact he will be gone on .

Everyone who has visited and supported Growlmon, I am forever grateful to each of you. Many people helped to contribute information, suggestions and corrections, but not only that, the kind words of everyone involved in the Digimon Links community towards Growlmon made the journey most enjoyable. When I started making Growlmon I was a real noob at web development, but thanks to everyone's suggestions and motivation I have learned so much. But most memorable are the great friends I have made along the way.

That is why the decision to discontinue Growlmon was not made lightly. I know that Growlmon can be continued if there is simply 'more money', however I have barely been able to just maintain up-to-date information and can not guarantee that I will be able to do so in the future due to increasingly more time consuming 'life stuff'. Therefore, I do not want to ask for your money in a fundraiser because I can not guarantee that I can keep Growlmon up-to-date consistently.

However, Growlmon's goal was always to make sure everyone was informed, and I want to make sure everyone stays informed. So check out these links and bookmark them:

On this forum you will still be able to catch the latest datamines, Growlmon always posted them there as well and may still do so from time to time. In any case, there are many helpful people there that can answer your questions! Some guides of Growlmon may become available elsewhere. In that case it will be posted here!

Live updates will be posted here when datamines are available and there are a ton of people helping each other out in the weekly grind. If you are not a member yet, make sure to join! (Also, Growlmon lives here)

Chortos has helped out greatly in datamining and in digging up the game's mechanics from the code, he is a Gallantmon X compared to Growlmon! He has an extensive database that is consistently up-to-date although it is reflected from the Japanese version.

Takatomon, made by Krazete, is a great tool for planning your evolutions. It also works great on mobile!

Cachomon makes great Digimon art, and in fact made the Growlmon logo and the cute image you will see on the error page. (She also does commissions!)

Finally, if you want to send a message or ask a question, contact ChasingRaccoons on Reddit. That is me :)


Don't lose your soul or wallet to gacha games guys!

Sappy stuff here:

A very, very special thanks to Venus, Cacho, Negan (or whatever name you have today), Regret, Soleil and many more on this journey. Everyone in the team of the Links subreddit and discord, you are awesome and I hope Growlmon can sleep on your digital couch now. All my patreon supporters, you were all so nice in your messages and your contributions were humbling. Let me make sure you are all listed down here:

  • Cachomon
  • Tetsumon
  • Stevegios
  • Seal
  • Aluesnoc
  • Dracumon
  • Goddess1357
  • Gamester5001
  • N7 Saren
  • Dragoneer
  • Nehless
  • Cerberus

Running home from a lecture to update you all on the newest datamine was a lot of fun and it was great to see people get so excited. I hope I can still bring some of that excitement on the Digimon Links subreddit when the time allows it. Saying goodbye to Growlmon is sad. But in a way, it is cool that people have become attached to him, an internet entity. Almost like a real Digimon...

Goodbye and lots of love,

Your friend Growlmon