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Swift Blue Wolf Event Guide Growlmon News // Feb 19 2018 //

Are you ready to face MirageGaogamon? As usual, Growlmon has beaten the boss and reported his findings in this week's event guide. This event is quite generous on the rewards, so good luck farming!

Swift Blue Wolf Datamine Digimon Links News // Feb 19 2018 //

This week in Links we will get a new Mega Festival capture with a guaranteed MEGA Digimon! The main prize is the strong Ravemon BM. He is accompanied by Ravemon, Justimon and Kuzuhamon in the new banner.

Another banner with Adversity Leader Skills will introduce new leader skills which boost stats when your Digimon are under 20% of their health.

For the new byte exchange event there are new special conditions to win extra rewards! Clear the Expert or Intense stage within 5 rounds and you will recieve extra rewards. This mean you will probably want the new combo chips for the event which not only help boost drops but also increases the offensive power of your Digimon.

The next event will be called 'Roar of the Moonlight' and is likely the MirageGaogamon BM ranking event. You will be able to earn special stat increasing chips during this week's event.

Read more about the upcoming event and check out the datamined news images on the event page.

Swift Blue Wolf Digimon Links News // Feb 16 2018 //

Coming next week is MirageGaogamon. The upcoming event is an exchange event that lasts 2 weeks which signals that the second part is likely going to be overlapped by a ranking event for MirageGaogamon BM. (Current image is a placeholder)

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