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Digimon Links is a game in which you collect and raise Digimon, creatures that live in the digital world. As you train them they become powerful companions in battle. You can play with people all over the world through the co-op features that the game provides. The game is a very fair game in its era of mobile games, not requiring many micro-transactions to achieve your goal or even be able to play.

Digimon Links has turn-based combat in which players either battle each other (PVP) or can team up to play against computer controlled monsters (PVE). The game has very vibrant graphics with high resolution models which were also used in the game Digimon Cyber Sleuth on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

About - Growlmon.Net

Growlmon.Net, formerly known as Guilmon.Net is a website that strives to provide the most accurate and most elaborate information about the game Digimon Links. We hope to do so by providing guides on game-mechanics and by giving the visitors access to all the information about the Digimon, skills and other aspects of the game. The earliest itteration of this website was mostly a data-viewing website, but ever since global release we have been branching out to more tutorials and guides.

Started in 2016, the website was focused on allowing players who were not able to read Japanese to enjoy the then only Japanese game, Digimon Links. However, with the release of the global version of the game, that is not quite as necessary and Growlmon is focusing on bringing all information to the players so they can get the most out of their game, rather than providing UI translations and raw data.

Also, Growlmon's pride lies majorly in the user interface which is designed mostly from scratch with the player in mind and is constantly updated to make sure players have a great experience on the website. The game can be very in-depth and thus a lot of data is processed on the website and making sure this data is easily understandable by the visitors, we take utmost care in designing the interface.

The website is most suitable to be viewed on PC with the Google Chrome webbrowser with a resolution higher than 1280x720, however it can still be comfortably displayed on other browsers and mobile devices. We are also working on a seperate mobile version of the website.

This website is not just a product of coding by the webmaster, but a dynamically changing source of information by community feedback. We are forever grateful for those who contributed their feedback and information to build Growlmon and we hope to serve the players for years to come.

-Webmaster Growlmon.Net

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