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The damage calculator on this page calculates damage according to the game's method, so damage output on in the results are the actual numbers you will see in game. The range of damage is decided by a random variable any time you attack and therefore the calculator shows multiple damage outcomes. A big thanks to Chortos-2 for digging up the damage calculations from the game files.

The calculator is still in beta and the following features are planned to be added Soon™:

Note1: For hybrid attackers such as Omegamon Alter B, calculate the damage of their different kind of hits (Physical and Magical) seperately and add them up for an accurate result.
Note2: The unfamiliar chip on the right in the attacker side is a Skill Impact chip which increases skill power (more for skills with lower amount of hits) and is not yet out on Global Links.

Damage Calculations
Level: 80 (+4) // MAX Friendship
Leader Skill
Signature Skill
Power (Per hit): Number of hits:
Level: 80 (+4) // MAX Friendship
Leader Skill
Belphemon DEF Down
Resisted Neutral Super Effective
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