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This page shows the damage a Digimon does with his signature skill on a neutral single target with a maximum damage roll. These calculations are made with the same calculations the game uses as discovered by reddit user Chortos-2. For more details on how the calculation is done, scroll to the bottom of the page. A more in-depth damage calculator is also in the works.

The EF damage columns show 'effective damage' which takes critical hit chance and accuracy in account as well. All Digimon in the list currently are V1.


Advanced Options

Enemy DEF
Enemy SDEF
Attacker Skill Boot Chip
Damage Calculations

Damage is calculated as follows:
damage = (signature skill power * (1 + attacker level / 100) * attack / opponent's defense +2) * random number between 0.85 and 1 * number of hits

Effective damage is calculated as follows:
effective damage = damage*[( 0.2 * crit chance)+1]*hit chance

Assumptions in the damage calculations:


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