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They say that Belphemon awakens from its eternal slumber once every thousand years. When it awakens, it regains its true shape and becomes an incarnation of rage. Anything that enters its field of vision is targeted for destruction.

Signature Skill
Gift of Darkness
97% chance to lower Defense by 30% for 1 round then deal Massive Physical Darkness damage to a Single Enemy
500 Power
97% Accuracy
8% Critical Hit Chance
3 AP Cost
Stats are currently displayed at max level with MAX friendship. Luck is maximum possible luck.
Toggle friendship between 0 and MAX by clicking on the heart on the right side of the table.

Rounding errors may occur at MAX friendship. Some values may be 1 point off.
702754425233402835 206613550-
752946490238983349 250313560
752987529442513691 281314570
803183609449794382 3439145 100
803269674855784963 3973156100
Belphemon SM

Can mode change to Belphemon SM by paying gold any time!*
PVE Usefulness Rating Recommended use: Single target Tier
General Info: Belphemon's damage is one of the highest in the game when his debuff hits. He outdamages most Digimon without the need of special upgrades or chips. It also helps the other Digimon in your team. His only downside is his low SDEF.
Conclusion: Belphemon may be slow but his overall bulk and insane damage thanks to his skill which applies a debuff BEFORE damage with high accuracy make him the god of PVE.
Single Target:SSS
Area of Effect:-
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