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An Ancient Dragon Digimon. It is a form of Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode) that acquired the power of the Exalted Knight Omegamon, powering up and changing form into a legendary Exalted Knight (Paladin Mode).

Signature Skill
Omni Sword
Massive Physical Null damage to a Single Enemy with a 30% chance to lock Skills for 2 rounds
500 Power
97% Accuracy
8% Critical Hit Chance
3 AP Cost
Stats are currently displayed at max level with MAX friendship. Luck is maximum possible luck.
Toggle friendship between 0 and MAX by clicking on the heart on the right side of the table.

Rounding errors may occur at MAX friendship. Some values may be 1 point off.
702437381531872993 318713550-
752608442037333523 373313560
752648479640813870 408114570
802822555947974571 4797145 100
802904618953865161 5386156100
Imperialdramon FM

Can not Digivolve any further
PVE Usefulness Rating Recommended use: Single target Tier
General Info: Imperialdramon PM uniquely has no weaknessess and resists neutral skills. It has very high overall stats, making it durable and also a strong attacker. Its attack also has a chance to seal skill which is very strong.
Conclusion: One of the best Digimon in the game when it comes to overall stats. Does not have any weakness. Useful in any fight with focus on single-target combat with a chance to disrupt while doing damage. What more can you ask for?
Single Target:S
Area of Effect:-
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