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Thank you for playing Digimon Links.

“The Ability Medal Capture” is now available in Rare Captures.

[Event Period]
~ .
* Event times are subject to change without notice.

Increased rates for Ability Medals available in 1 and 10-Captures!

Also, for the 10-Captures,
1 Digimon with an Ability Medal attached is guaranteed.
The Ability Medal will be attached to a random stat.

[Available Ultimates]
・MagnaAngemon (Bright Tribe)
・Shakkoumon (Bright Tribe)
・Chirinmon (Bright Tribe)

* The only Ultimates that appear are the ones listed.
* Duplicate Digimon may appear.
* Legacy Skills and Leader Skills may differ on Digimon with the same name.
* The planned dates and details for Rare Capture may be subject to changes.
* No Megas appear in this Capture.

Meicoomon appears in this Capture!
Get Digivolution Fragments in the event ""The Punisher"",
and Digivolve into Raguelmon!

* Meicoomon needs Meicrackmon VM Data Fragments to digivolve into an Ultimate.
* ""Raguelmon Data Fragment”, ""Meicrackmon VM Data Fragments” are available in the ""The Punisher” event.
* Meicrackmon VM can digivolve into Raguelmon.

When an Ultimate Digimon appears, it can appear as anything from Unawakened to Awakened + 4.
Awakened Digimon have higher stats than those of the same level of Digivolution.
Remember, the higher a Partner Digimon’s stages is during Ability Seeding,
the higher the chance of inheriting or powering up an Ability Medal.

This is your chance to raise some powerful Digimon! Don’t miss it!

Thanks again for being part of Digimon Links!

Capture Odds

Only Ultimate Digimon have a chance to be awakened upon pulling.

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