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""Digimon Day Celebration Capture"" is available in Rare Captures.

[Event Period]
~ .
*The event period may be subject to change without notice.

Each day get 1 free chance at the Digimon Day Celebration Capture.
The first 10-Digimon Capture requires only 100 DigiStones.
Furthermore, at least 1 Digimon in the 10-Digimon Capture is guaranteed to be an Awakened +1 or higher Mega!
Also, Leader Skills that grant major boosts can also be obtained.
Digimon will appear Max-Level .

Some Megas will appear Awakened.
Awakened Digimon's stats are greatly increased compared to Unawakened Digimon of the same Digivolution level.

[Obtainable Mega Digimon]
Phoenixmon (Blazing Tribe)
HerculesKabuterimon (Earth Tribe)
Rosemon (Earth Tribe)
Vikemon (GlacierTribe)
Seraphimon (Bright Tribe)
Ophanimon (Abyss Tribe)
Magnadramon(Bright Tribe)

[Obtainable Leader Skills]
One-Hit Wonder / Major boost to Critical rate
HP Ultrabooster /Major boost to HP
Ancient Lupine Lunge /Major boost to Attack
Ancient Dragon's Blessing / Major boost to Defense
Ancient Arcane Tracery / Major boost to S-Attack
Ancient Protective Array /Major boost to S-Defense
Speed Star Gamma /Major boost to Speed
Ultra Radar Patch /Major boost to Accuracy

*The only Mega Digimon that will appear are those listed in the Obtainable Mega Digimon and Permanently Obtainable Mega Digimon Lists.
*Mega Digimon will appear Awakened +1 - Awakened +4.
*Duplicate Digimon may appear.
*There may be differences between Digimon with the same name, such as having or lacking Legacy Skills or Leader Skills.
*There is a rare chance of capturing a Digimon with an Ability Medal.
*Rare Capture content and dates may be subject to change without notice.

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