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The Digivolve Boost Pack is a recurring shop pack which costs approximately 20 dollars depending on your region. It gives you 7 unique vouchers which can be used in the exchange shop that opens after you purchase it.

It opens up every 1st, 11th and 21st of the month and you can buy it once during each of those periods.

If you are interested in buying Digistones, save your money for this event. It gives you 100 with the vouchers while normally you have to spend $40 to get 240 stones.

You can probably save up for vouchers for higher awakenings. You can only buy this pack 1 time every time it is available, but it is available every 1st, 11th and 21st of the month. This means if you buy it 3 times you will have enough vouchers to turn in for 21 fragments. This event has a shop with unlimited availability for each Digimon so it is likely this is possible.

This event also seems to be recurring with the same Digimon as this one as we have already datamined the next exchange banners.

Initial Announcement

Taken from the original Digimon news post on ( All times displayed are in your local time )

Thank you for playing Digimon Links.

Period Limit! Digivolve Boost Pack is now for sale!

One time only, for a limited time!
This bargain of a pack is now for sale, containing DigiStones plus 7 Choose-A-Fragment Vouchers that can be exchanged for your choice of a selection of Mega Digimon!

■ Pack Details
Max Purchases: 1
Included Items: 100 DigiStones & 7 Choose-A-Fragment Vouchers

※The purchase count of 「Digivolve Boost Pack」would be reset every 1st, 11th, 21st of the month and it can be purchased again.

■ Available Digimon List
Creepymon Data Fragments
Barbamon Data Fragments
Beelzemon Data Fragments
Lilithmon Data Fragments
Leviamon Data Fragments
Belphemon SM Data Fragments
GranKuwagamon Data Fragments
PlatinumNumemon Data Fragments
PrinceMamemon Data Fragments
Minervamon Data Fragments
Cherubimon (Good) Data Fragments
Sakuyamon Data Fragments
Justimon Data Fragments
Magnadramon Data Fragments
Kuzuhamon Data Fragments
SaberLeomon Data Fragments
Titamon Data Fragments
Puppetmon Data Fragments
HerculesKabuterimon Data Fragments
MetalEtemon Data Fragments
Ebemon Data Fragments
GroundLocomon Data Fragments
MegaGargomon Data Fragments
HiAndromon Data Fragments
Ravemon Data Fragments
Boltmon Data Fragments
Vikemon Data Fragments
Dianamon Data Fragments
MetalSeadramon Data Fragments
Phoenixmon Data Fragments

※DigiStones from the Digivolve Boost Pack are received directly.
※The extra from the Digivolve Boost Pack is sent to your Presents.
※The Choose-A-Fragment Voucher can be used in the Exchange.
※The Exchange for Choose-A-Fragment Vouchers will only be displayed if you have a Voucher.
※The Data Fragments you exchange your Voucher for will be sent to your Presents; you have 30 days to accept it, so please do so promptly.

Thank you for continuing to play Digimon Links

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