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""Mega Festival Capture"" is available in Rare Captures.

[Event Period]
*The event period may be subject to change without notice.

In the 10-Capture, at least one will be a Mega Digimon.
Some Megas will appear Awakened.
Awakened Digimon have higher stats than those of the same level of Digivolution.

[Obtainable Mega Digimon List]
・Diaboromon (Abyss Tribe)
・Piedmon (Abyss Tribe)
・Cherubimon (Good) (Bright Tribe)
・Sakuyamon (Bright Tribe)

In addition, from now on, the following Megas will be permanently added to the Mega Festival Capture.
Catch plenty of Megas, and augment your strength in battle!

[Permanently Obtainable Mega Digimon]
・ Phoenixmon (Blazing Tribe)
・ MetalSeadramon (Glacier Tribe)
・ Ravemon (Electric Tribe)
・ Titamon (Earth Tribe)
・ Magnadramon (Bright Tribe)
・ Kuzuhamon (Abyss Tribe)
・ PrinceMamemon (Mirage Tribe)

*The only Mega Digimon that will appear are those listed in the Obtainable Mega Digimon and Permanently Obtainable Mega Digimon Lists.
*Mega Digimon will appear Unawakened - Awakened +4.
*Duplicate Digimon may appear.
*There may be differences between Digimon with the same name, such as having or lacking Legacy Skills or Leader Skills.
*There is a rare chance of capturing a Digimon with an Ability Medal.
*Rare Capture content and dates may be subject to change without notice.

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Capture Odds

Only MEGA Digimon have a chance to be awakened upon pulling.

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