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The 'MegaFusions' event has 3 stages. One is a solo stage which may only be completed once per day and does not allow for revives. Another one is a very easy solo stage that needs to be unlocked for 30 minutes for 15 DigiStones similar to opening a daily quest on a day it is not normally open.

The spotlight Digimon during this event are Kimeramon , Machinedramon and Millenniummon



This stage is so easy that there is little to be said. It plays at about the same level as an easy daily quest.

Challenge Stage

The challenge stage is easily beaten with the strong Light or Darkness attackers at +3 or higher. In this stage, the Mamemon use skill lock but should otherwise not pose a big problem to your team.

Release Stage

The release stage has very weak Digimon that will easily go down by even +0 AOE MEGA light and or darkness attackers. While the release stage has very weak Digimon, they do have a nasty trick. The Mamemon are 216 SPD and will try to skill lock your Digimon! There are a few ways you can try to clear this stage the fastest. The Millenniummon at the end will also need a bit of extra firepower to bring down than the minion Digimon so make sure you bring at least one Digimon that can deal with him effectively if you do not have +4 AOE attackers.

Bring your fastest AOE sweepers such as Leopardmon, LordKnightmon and UlforceVeedramon and make sure they outspeed the opponent's 216 SPD Mamemon to avoid getting skill locked. Keep in mind that if your Digimona are not a lot faster than 216 SPD they may still be outsped by the speed RNG sometimes.

2) Resist the skill lock
Bringing Digimon such as Seraphimon, Belphemon SM, Mastemon and Magnadramon resist skill lock and will rarely be halted by those pesky Mamemon. This way you can just shred right through them.

Planning for rewards

When you open the release stage you are on a time limit of 30 minutes. If you have a suitable team and a fast device, you can do a stage and pass its loading screens in about a minute and a half. Optimistically you could do 20 stages in one 30 minute opening. If you would do both of those stamina bars on refills then you would earn 4000 points for 25 DigiStones. Would you do it on one bar of natural stamina and one from a refill it would be 20 DigiStones for that 4000 points instead.

Lett's calculate how many DigiStones it costs to get certain rewards from this event if you would do 20 rounds per opening.

Reward Points Needed DigiStone needed
(1 refill, 1 natural)
DigiStone needed
(2 refills/opening)
Machinedramon Fragment x21 21250 115 145
Machinedramon Fragment x40 AND
Millenniummon Fragment x21
35750 180 225
Machinedramon Fragment x42 AND
Millenniummon Fragment x22
37000 195* 245*

*If you do the solo stage every you can make up the difference between the last 2 scenarios in the table.

Wave 1
Wave 2

56 56
Wave 1
Wave 2

80 80

RELEASE 10 Wave 1
Wave 2
70 70
Point Calculator

Bonus Digimon
Results as Host
Release Base Points 200
- Bonus Digimon 0
Total 200
Total Points Reward
5 Cluster x3000
10 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
25 Link Point x500
50 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
75 Cluster x3000
100 Removal Patch x1
125 Null Plugin V1 x40
150 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
200 DigiStone x5
250 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
300 Removal Patch x1
350 Thunder Plugin V1 x40
400 DigiStone x5
500 Cluster x3000
600 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
700 Null Plugin V2 x30
800 Cluster x3000
900 DigiStone x5
1000 Cluster x3000
1100 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
1250 Thunder Plugin V2 x30
1400 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
1550 Null Plugin V3 x25
1700 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
1850 DigiStone x5
2000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
2200 Thunder Plugin V3 x25
2400 Cluster x3000
2600 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
2800 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
3000 Null Plugin V4 x20
3250 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
3500 Thunder Plugin V4 x20
3750 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
4000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
4250 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
4500 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
4750 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
5000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
5500 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
6000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
6500 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
7000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
7500 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
8000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
8500 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
9000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
9500 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
10000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
11000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
12000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
13000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
14000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
15000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
16000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
17000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
18000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
19000 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
20000 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
After 20000 points you will receive another prize for every 250 points you earn. They cycle in the following way:
Cycle 1 Kimeramon Data Fragment x1
Cycle 2 Machinedramon Data Fragment x1
Cycle 3 Millenniummon Data Fragment x1
Event Details

Taken from the original Digimon news post on ( All times displayed are in your local time )

Thank you for playing Digimon Links!

'Mega Fusions' event begins today.

Here's what you'll need to know about 'Mega Fusions'.

■[Event Period]
*The event period may be subject to change without notice.

■Event Details

You can earn points by clearing Quests in the event.
Also, you can earn bonus points by training certain Digimon.
Keep the difficulty level and bonus points in mind when forming your party to tackle this event!
The rewards for points include 'Kimeramon Data Fragment','Machinedramon Data Fragment','Millenniummon Data Fragment' among other various items.

*In Co-Op mode, owners and members may receive different drops.
*In Co-Op mode, points earned by owners and members may differ.

■About Solo-Only 'Release' Level

You can spend [15] DigiStones to open the Release level for [30] minutes.
In the Release Level, you can earn about [10] times more points than in an [Easy] Quest!
The enemies aren't any tougher than [Easy] quests, so you can really rack up the event points!
* Please be aware that once the Release Level has been opened, it will close again after [30] minutes even without being played.
* Release Level can be opened an unlimited number of times using DigiStones.
* Release Level can only be played in Solo mode.

■No Continues! About the once-daily Challenge Level

You can play on the Challenge Level once per day.
Just like the Release Level, you can earn a huge amount of points in the Challenge Level,
but this Level features incredibly powerful Digimon, so we recommend attempting it with a well-trained team
of Mega Digimon with plenty of Resistance Upgrades and Legacy Skills.
* DigiStones cannot be used to revive incapacitated Digimon in Challenge Level.
* Only fully cleared rounds of play will be counted.
* Challenge Level can only be played in Solo mode.

Thanks again for being part of Digimon Links!

Initial Announcement

Taken from the original Digimon news post on ( All times displayed are in your local time )

Thank you for playing Digimon Links!

We have an announcement to make regarding the ""Mega Fusions"" event.

■[Event Period]
Planned from ~

■Event Details
- By clearing quests in the event, you can gain points.
- The rewards for points include ""Millenniummon Data Fragment"", among other various items.
* The drops for Co-Op Owners and members may differ.
* The points acquired for Co-Op Owners and members differ.

Thanks again for being part of Digimon Links!

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