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How does Ticket Capture work?
Every ticket gained from the Ticket Capture can be used to fight 1 battle in which you always get 1 Digifuel of the quest you use. These battles open up in your 'Explore' menu when you have the tickets for them. Others can join this but do not get Digifuel as joiners. Also, friendship gained from these fights has a massive boost for everyone in the fight.

Thus, with this event you are hoping to pull a lot of quests of the Digimon you want most and then defeat. A pull can look like this for example:

Fighting a quest COSTS 0 STAMINA and losing the quest fight DOES NOT CONSUME YOUR TICKET so no need to worry!

Available Quest Tickets
PlatinumNumemon Ebemon Minervamon Cherubimon (Good)
Sakuyamon Justimon MetalEtemon Titamon
Ravemon Dianamon HiAndromon MegaGargomon
Vikemon Kuzuhamon SaberLeomon Puppetmon
Grankuwagamon Boltmon HerculesKabuterimon Phoenixmon
Magnadramon MetalSeadramon

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""Ticket Capture"" is available in Rare Captures.
In ""Ticket Capture"", you are able to obtain ""Quest Tickets"" from a special quest.

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*The start date and time may be subject to change without prior notice.

【What are Quest Tickets?】

Also, you can obtain more Friendship than usual Quests so use it to your advantage.
*Fragments can only be obtained in Ticket Capture if you attempt a Quest as an owner of a solo or CO-OP room.

* Duplicate Quest Tickets may appear.
* During the Ticket Capture period changes may be made without prior notice.
* Tickets can only be used for a limited time.
Please be aware that you will not be able to use Tickets that have expired. Tickets can be used until the last day of the 4th month following the month the tickets were obtained in.

Thank you for continuing to play Digimon Links.

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