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“The Road to the Supreme Mega Special Chip Capture” is now available in Rare Captures.

【Event Period】
*Event dates are subject to change without notice.

One of the Special Chips listed below
is guaranteed to be in the 10-Chip Capture.

Also, the ""Mirage x Stats Boost,Blazing x Stats Boost"" Chips are being featured from the series of Chips which efficiently boost certain Tribe's Digimon Stats.
This is a great chance to capture the featured Chips, so make sure to reinforce your Chips and equip your Mirage,Blazing Digimon with them!

【Special Chips】
- Supreme Mega Point Specialty Chip A
HP+50. Also obtain 6x points from “Road to the Supreme Mega.”
- Supreme Mega Point Specialty Chip B
HP+30. Also obtain 3x points from “Road to the Supreme Mega.”
- Supreme Mega Point Specialty Chip C
HP+20. Also obtain 1.5x points from “Road to the Supreme Mega.”

*If you build a Chip Factory, you can perform Chip Captures.
*The same chip may be provided more than once.
*Rare Chip Capture content and dates may subject to change without prior warning.
*You can participate in Captures or Quests if you are still within your chip capacity.

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