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Thank you for playing Digimon Links.

""Swift Red Horse Special Chip Capture"" is now available in Rare Captures.

【Event Period】
*Event dates are subject to change without notice.

One of the Special Chips listed below is guaranteed to be in the 10-Chip Capture.
Anti-Sleep Chips Appear!
Sleep Remedy and Cancel Sleep Chip Pick up!
Also, the ""Abyss x Stats Boost"" Chips are being featured from the series of Chips which efficiently boost certain Tribe's Digimon Stats.
Take this chance to try them out!

【Special Chips】
Swift Red Horse Point Specialty Chip A
  HP+50. Also obtain 6x points from “Swift Red Horse”
Swift Red Horse Point Specialty Chip B
  HP+30. Also obtain 3x points from “Swift Red Horse”
Swift Red Horse Point Specialty Chip C
  HP+20. Also obtain 1.5x points from “Swift Red Horse”

*If you build a Chip Factory, you can perform Chip Captures.
*The same chip may be provided more than once.
*Rare Chip Capture content and dates may subject to change without prior warning.
*You can participate in Captures or Quests if you are still within your chip capacity.

Thank you for being part of Digimon Links!

Capture Odds

Rates are for the guaranteed event chip slot in the 10 pull.

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