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When you see a Digimon with a + and a number in the upper right corner of its icon, that Digimon is awakened. Awakened Digimon have higher stats. You can see this in the stats database. Awakened Digimon can either be gotten from gacha pulls (capture) or from training your Digimon yourself.

Awakening Digimon is what Digimon Links is all about, as it is the hardest grind to the strongest Digimon. Awakening is much like a 'prestige' mechanic in that it resets your Digimon back to it's lowest form from which you will have to level it all over again. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to awaken your Digimon

How to Awaken - Get +1 / +2 / +3 / +4

To awaken a Digimon, go to research in the Digivice's training screen. Then you need a Digimon that is at its MEGA stage which you will awaken (the base Digimon) and another MEGA Digimon which you sacrifice to awaken your Digimon.

IMPORTANT: To increase the awakening level of the resulting Digimon the base Digimon MUST have maximum friendship. Otherwise the resulting Digimon will be the same awakening level. It does NOT need maximum EXP level!

To make sure your resulting Digimon will go to a higher awakening level, look at the bottom side of the screen and confirm that the resulting Digimon has the correct awakening level that you want. Also double check on the confirmation screen.

NOTE: If you sacrifice an awakened Digimon, its awakening level DOES NOT get added to the resulting Digimon. (Example: Base Digimon+1 and Sacrifice Digimon+3 only creates Digimon+2)

After Awakening

You should now have a Digi-egg which you will have to put in the garden until it becomes a Rookie. The egg can be hatched instantly into an In-Training I. The Rookie you will eventually get will ALWAYS be the same over every awakening, so note it down after you awaken it the first time or when you pull the Rookie from gacha. It will not even change when you choose another Digivolution path.

When you have your awakened Rookie you can choose to go to another Digivolve path than the Digimon you awakened it from. Check out the Digivolve Tree to see your options.

After Awakening
  • Base Digimon's reverted form
  • Base Digimon's medals
  • Base Digimon's Luck
  • Base Digimon's Skill DNA
  • Base Digimon's Legacy Skill
  • Base Digimon's Leader Skill
  • Chips
    (Will be sent back to your storage)
  • Sacrificial Digimon
  • Friendship
  • Experience
  • Resistance Training
Digivolving after awakening

'How many Digifuel do you need to evolve to MEGA?' Is a question we hear a lot! After awakening, the cost of Digivolving your Digimon goes up. You will need more digifuel and data fragments to Digivolve awakened Digimon. The Digivolve costs are as follows:

Stage Stage Stage
Rookie > Champion83---600 Champion > Ultimate242076-2700 Ultimate > MEGA--201779000
+1125---1000 +13630119-4500 +1--30261115000
+2166---2000 +248401412-9000 +2--40341430000
+3249---3000 +372602118-13500 +3--60512145000
+4249---5000 +472602118-22500 +4--60512160000
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