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Chips unlock powerful boosts for your Digimon. Sometimes these boosts are simple stat increases but some chips even give increased point gain or drops during events. To learn more about specific chips, visit our chip database.

In this guide we will teach you how to get chips, how to use chips and how to upgrade them.

How To Get Chips

To be able to receive Digistones you will need to unlock the Chip Factory facility for your farm. You can learn more about the Chip Factory on the farm guide page.

Chips are available through chip capture. These cost Digistones Usually 100 stones for 10 chips. You never know which chips are coming out next, but usually there is at least one chip event active at a time.

Sometimes, chips are also rewards for clearing event-quests or given as a gift during some events. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to grab them all!

Digimon and Chipslots

You may have noticed that your Digimon have chip slots. Digimon gotten from capture always have 10 potential chipslots. Unfortunately, Digimon from link capture always have 5 potential chip slots. Maximum chipslots can not be increased. The Hawkmon in the image below only has 5 chip slots of which 0 are unlocked. This can never become higher.

You can see the amount of chipslots a Digimon has in the stats menu. The amount of chips you see are the maximum amount they can ever have. Highlighted chips are the slots they have currently unlocked and grey slots are slots you still need to unlock. Chip types can not be stacked on a Digimon, this means that your Digimon can not have multiple of the same kind of chip. This includes event chips.

Digimon unlock a chip slot in the following ways:

NOTE: Chip unlockers do not increase your maximum chipslots! A 5 chipslot Digimon will never be able to have more than 5.

Chips can NOT be unequiped unless you use a special item which or when you awaken your Digimon. This item is called 'Removal Patch' and looks like a USB drive.

Chip Enhancing

Besides getting higher level chips from captures, you can also sacrifice chips to enhance one chip. Make sure you are okay with throwing away the chips you use in the process as they are destroyed to upgrade to one you want to upgrade. You can enhance chips by going to the Chip Factory or in the Digivice's training menu.

Chips upgrade costs are as follows (Base chip included in cost):

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