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Every week Digimon links has new events. In these events you can get new MEGA Digimon data fragments. Events come in different types and the difference between these events is the way in which you earn the rewards of the event.

In this guide you can read about the following types of events:


Advent quests are like beginner level events. Every week new advent quests are available for a limited time. Each Digimon's advent has 3 difficulties, from easy to hard. The boss of these stages can drop a data fragment. The chance to receive a fragment is increased with difficulty and you can also get a data fragment as a luck drop.

Advent RUSH

Advent RUSH is not to be mistaken with regular Advent events. During Advent RUSH stages consist of waves full of MEGA level Digimon that drop bytes. On the final wave a special Digimon may rarely show up which will drop its own data fragment as well!

The most exciting part about Advent RUSH is the EXTRA STAGE. Once every day at a random time an EXTRA STAGE may open in your menu for an hour. This happens at the same time for everyone on the server. The stage that opens during this time usually has a special challenge in which you can earn a lot of rewards.

Byte Exchange

During Byte Exchange events, Digimon you beat in the event may drop Data Bytes. You can trade these in at the exchange for rewards. Rewards usually include event Digimon data fragments, Digistones and chip removers. Chips may increase the amount of bytes that are dropped. Don't forget to exchange your bytes in time as they expire a week after the event!

Extra Stage

Extra stage events are quite similar to byte events. The difference is that there is a bonus stage which may trigger and sometimes may trigger even multiple times at the end of the final wave. Digimon that appear in those extra stages are usually very weak but always drop data bytes. Special event chips can increase the likelihood of extra stages triggering.

Point / Ranking

Point Event

In point events, players do not receive rewards directly from beating a stage. Instead you receive points. The amount of points you receive is based on the criteria that are different for each event and is calculated at the end of the round. The factors influencing this may include the following:

Points are not traded in for rewards. Instead you are sent rewards automatically once you reach a certain amount of points. Rewards vary for each event. You can find point calculators on the event guides on the website as well, take a look at the 'Lord of the Knights' event page for example.

Ranking Event

The only difference between point and ranking events is that in a ranking event, a large portion of the rewards are sent at the end of the event based on how you compare to other players in collecting points during the event period.

During a ranking event there is a live tracking screen in the game where you can see how many points you need to be in a certain rank at that specific moment. The rankings constantly change as people are competing for higher scores.

Quest Ticket Capture

During a quest ticket capture event you can spend Digistones to receive quest tickets. Every ticket gained from the Ticket Capture can be used to fight 1 battle in which you always get 1 Digifuel of the quest you use. These battles open up in your 'Explore' menu when you have the tickets for them. A ticket quest only has 1 stage where the ticket Digimon is the boss and is accompanied by 2 other Digimon. These stages are very easy.

Others can join your tickets but do not get data fragments as joiners. Also, friendship gained from these fights has a massive boost for everyone in the fight. The leader receives 30 friendship and other Digimon receive 10.

A ticket pull looks like this:

Fighting a ticket COSTS 0 STAMINA and losing the quest fight DOES NOT CONSUME YOUR TICKET so no need to worry!


A tower event opens up 30 new stages in a special 'tower' menu in your quest menu. The first 26 to 27 stages are easy and the last 3 or 4 are usually comparable to hard to expert or intense difficulty. In most tower events, the early stages have decent first clear bonuses such as a Digistone. The early stages cost 2-5 stamina and the highest ones have similar stamina costs as the harder stages of any other event.

In a tower event, monsters in the highest stages may drop the fragment associated with the tower boss. There is also a chance for a luck drop to be a data fragment.

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