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Sometimes when you capture (gacha) your Digimon may have a medal on one or more of its stats. These medals increase the stat they are on. You can also transfer your medals to other Digimon or try upgrading medals on Digimon you have. You can see if your Digimon has medals when looking at their stats. They will show a small icon next to the stat that has a medal on it.

A Digimon can have silver medals on all stats but may only have a maximum of 2 gold medals at a time.

What do Medals do?

Medals give your Digimon a stat boost. Medals are randomly found on Digimon from capture or on Digimon rewarded by special events such as the Guilmon from the 'White Holy Lance' event.

The stat boosts a medal gives are as follows:

5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 15% 16% 17% 18% 19% 20%

Every once in a while there are special events with captures that increase the chance of Digimon having medals..

Transferring / Upgrading Medals / Ability Seeding

Ability Seeding is the mechanic that allows you to transfer or upgrade medals on your Digimon. You can find it in your Digivice's training menu. Transferring or upgrading a medal has a chance to succeed based on the stage of the sacrificial (partner) Digimon, its medals and the base Digimon's medals. Sometimes there are also events that increase the rate of medal transferring/upgrading

Transferring a medal, which means that you try to put a medal on your base Digimon that has no medals on that stat yet, has a chance to fail. If it fails when transferring a silver medal you will lose both the sacrificial Digimon and the medal you were trying to transfer. If this fails when you try to transfer a gold medal, you will get a silver I medal on the base Digimon instead of the gold one you were trying to transfer.

Upgrading a medal works by transferring medals from your sacrificial Digimon to your base Digimon that already has a medal in that stat. If this succeeds the base Digimon's existing medal goes up 1 stage. If this fails on a silver medal you lose both the sacrificial Digimon and the medal you were trying to transfer. Medals never downgrade on or are lost on the base Digimon when a transfer fails.

For example: If you transfer a gold V medal to a silver I base Digimon and it succeeds the base Digimon will now have a silver II medal.

You can preview the transfer odds in the game but also in the medal transfer calculator below!

Medal Chance Calculator

Base Digimon Medal

Sacrifice Digimon Medal

Sacrifice Digimon Stage


Base Digimon Sacrifical Digimon
No medal Rookie
Chance to transfer: 10%
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