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Sometimes you may notice a player with a flashy name with colors and you just wonder.. How did they do it? Here we explain how to get those fancy names so you can join lobbies just to AFK on non-ready to show off your name. (Actually don't do that)

Become Mr. Fancypants

First of all you need to go to your profile editor. This can be found by opening the menu on the side of the interface. Here you can change your name. Change the name here in the format like the examples below and become the coolest player in the world.

Note: While completely harmless, there is no offical statement that this is allowed.

Choosing your style
Bold Name
Cursive Name
Striked Name
Colored Name**

** The colored names limit your name to only two characters. In the example the color red is given, but you can change it to any color! Use the little tool here to pick one.

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