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Welcome to Growlmon's skill guide. Here we will show you what skills are and what they do. If you want to know more about specific skills, please check out our skill databases by navigating to them with the bar on the top of the page.

In Digimon Links, Digimon always possess at least 2 different skills; Signature Skill and Legacy Skill. They also have a possiblity to have a Leader Skill. This guide will help you understand what each one does and how to get them.

Signature Skill

Every Digimon has its own unique Signature Skill, some even have 2! However, Digimon can only have 1 Signature Skill at a time. Every Digimon has a hidden DNA value which is either 1 or 2. This determines which Signature Skill it will have if it Digivolves to a Digimon with multiple Signature Skills. This is random and can not be influenced and can never be changed, even after awakening. You can preview a Digimon's when looking at its Digivolve to a MEGA Digimon.

Another example: an Omegamon with the skill 'Transcendent Sword' has DNA1. Would it have its skill 'Supreme Cannon' it would be DNA2.

A list of Digimon with 2 skills can be found HERE. We also has a list of all other Signature Skills and the Digimon they belong to HERE.

Legacy Skills

Every Digimon comes with a Legacy Skill. This skill is randomly determined when you gacha pull (capture) it. These skills can be transfered to other Digimon in the Digivice's training menu under 'Legacies'. A list of all Legacy Skills can be found HERE.

IMPORTANT: the Digimon you are transfering from will be sacrificed in the process. See the image to the right for reference.

Leader Skills

When you receive a Digimon from gacha pull (capture) it has a chance to have a leader skill. These skills provide a passive boost that every member in a battle receives if the Digimon with the Leader Skill is in the leader position. A list of all Leader Skills can be found HERE.

Leader Skills can NOT be transfered or changed. They do persist through awakening. This is why many people value Leader Skills highly as they are set in stone as you receive your Digimon. Recommended skills are those that boost accuracy, critical hit or an offensive stats.

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