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Looking for the tier list? It can be found here or in the database category in the upper menu!

The tier list on Growlmon.Net was made and revised by some of the most involved players of the community. You may be wondering what the tiers mean or how we divide Digimons in to tiers. This page should explain how to read the tier list and what to think of it.

Before you continue: Almost every MEGA Digimon is useful in PVE. There are only a few really bad Digimon such as MetalEtemon. Do not feel discouraged if your favorite Digimon is not S or A tier and do not feel like you MUST have a team of S tier Digimon to play the game.

Digimon Links is also about just collecting cool Digimon and having fun, so do not forget to enjoy the game!

How we decide tiers
General Rating

The tier list is established by well informed veteran players and community feedback. The way we rate Digimon is by their general usefulness. This means that sometimes, Digimon like Alphamon which may not necessarily be the strongest attacker, end up in higher tiers than for example TigerVespamon.

We factor in the following things to rate Digimon:


Digimon are categorized by role. These roles are based off of their Signature Skills. It is possible that these Digimon can perform other roles really well when given a Legacy Skill that does something different than its Signature Skill.

Single target Digimon are mostly good against bosses and AOE Digimon can clear lower waves and farm really well. There are few support Digimon. These Digimon can perform moves which their only purpose is to help its teammates or itself.

Tier Explanation
Tier SS

Digimon that excel in any given situation by just raw stats and great signature skills belong in this tier. These Digimon are extremely desirable on any roster.

Tier S

Digimon in this tier are exceptionally good. They usually excel in any battle and have unique traits such as reduced weaknessess. Most if not all Digimon in this tier have incredibly strong Signature Skills as well. The Digimon in this tier are mostly Digimon that are best the best within their typing.

Many Digimon in this tier actually digivolve out of MEGA Digimon and require a big investment to raise (e.g. Omegamon Alter B) However, there are also more regular Digimon that do great such as Beelzemon and Lordknightmon.

Tier A

Digimon in tier A are Digimon that perform well above average but are not good enough to be considered some of the absolute best in the game such as the S or SS tier Digimon.

Tier B

The majority of Digimon end up in tier B. This is a tier for Digimon that are pretty average. Do not worry if your Digimon is in this tier because all Digimon in this tier are still decent in high difficulty content.

Tier C

Digimon in this tier are not recommended for high difficulty content. They are below average by a decent margin. Some Digimon in this tier with AOE skills are not too bad to have because they can at least farm lower difficulty fights well.

Tier D

Almost the worst Digimon in the game. We don't recommend putting a lot of resources in a Digimon from this category because they are not very suitable for battle.

Tier F

Also known as MetalEtemon tier. This tier is reserved for MetalEtemon who is the worst MEGA in the game.


AOE: Area Of Effect - Skills that hit multiple Digimon are AOE skills.

Beefy: Digimon with good defensive skills and/or HP.

Glasscannon: Digimon that have high offensive stats but low defensive stats.

PVE: Player Versus Environment - Fighting against computer controlled Digimon.

Sweeper: A Digimon that is very fast and has high offensive stats.


Jan 3, 2018

Changes were made to the tier list to accomodate more Digimon in S tier since there are quite a few highly capable Digimon in the game, but they were just not on the level that most SS tier are. Digimon like Leviamon, Examon and UlforceVeedramon land in SS due to their insane stats and great signature skills together with obvious picks such as Beelzemon and Jesmon.

Keep in mind that even though Digimon like Jesmon/UlforceVeedramon are glasscannons but due to their insane attack stats and signature skills they can effectively take on almost any Digimon in PVE. Jesmon especially is very versatile with its null skill, making him desirable in almost any event. We already see how Boltmon with a vanilla 500 power skill and 6k attack stat finds a spot in any event.

The AOE tiering now values Digimon based more on their usefulness in any battle than it's relative strength towards other AOE Digimon. This means many 250 single hit skill Digimon went to C, higher stat 250 hitters went to A. Well statted multi-hit Digimon went to S and of course Lordknight and Crania lead the pack in SS. AOE and single target tiering are not directly comparable to each other, so keep in mind that Digimon like Lordknightmon are SS in AOE they may not beat SS single targets in general usefulness in high difficulty events.

Jesmon and Craniamon's support skills were moved to F since one should never be inclined to prefer it over its other skill and they add little value to otherwise great Digimon

Single Target AOE
Beelzemon S > SS Lordknightmon S > SS
Dynasmon S > SS Craniamon S > SS
Belphemon RM S > SS Magnamon (DNA2) A > S
Jesmon S > SS MegaGargomon B > S
Imperialdramon PM S > SS Seraphimon A > S
UlforceVeedramon S > SS Machinedramon A > S
Examon A > SS Barbamon B > A
Leviamon A > SS UlforceVeedramon B > A
Gankoomon S > SS GroundLocomon B > C
Leopardmon LM A > S Wargreymon B > C
Leopardmon A > S BlackWargreymon B > C
Omegamon A > S MetalGarurumon B > C
Omegamon Zwart A > S MetalGarurumon (Black) B > C
Lillithmon A > S Gallantmon A > B
TigerVespamon A > S ShineGreymon BM A > B
Rosemon BM A > S
Boltmon B > A
Titamon B > A
Rosemon B > A
Plesiomon B > A
Ebemon B > A
RustTyrannomon B > A
Kuzuhamon B > C
HerculesKabuterimon A > B

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