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In Digimon Links, some Digimon can version upgrade. This increases their max level and base stats. In this guide we will explain how to upgrade your Digimon and what the benefits of upgrading to V2 are.

V2 Digimon List
*All values displayed here are for max level, 300 friendship. You can see the regular values on the details pages for every Digimon
How to Version Upgrade

To upgrade a Digimon to V2 you need a Digimon that is awakening level 4 (+4) and has a V2 form. Then you need to go to your Digivice's training menu and select 'Version Upgrade'.

In the version upgrade interface you need to select your Digimon+4 and have the following materials:

Tier 3 Fuel x100 Tier 4 Fuel x85 V2 Fuel x3 Digimon Fuel x35 Clusters x135.000

All the fuel has to match the original Digimon and their attribute. The special V2 fuel will be available in special events.

Benefits of Version Upgrading

Upgrading a Digimon to V2 lets the Digimon keep its original level. So upgrading a level 80 +4 would give you a level 80 V2.
There are some new things this V2 Digimon will have which are:

*The extra slot gives you the option to get one extra elemental resistance and one extra status resistance. This does not mean your Digimon can have 2 elemental resistances. For example:

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