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Volcanicdramon is Links' biggest and baddest boss. You can raise your Volcanicdramon to your liking by taking certain steps during his Digivolution process. In this guide you can learn how to make a Volcanicdramon that fits your team the best!

Volcanicdramon can become almost any kind of Digimon you may want depending on how you raise him. His stats, his signature skill and even his attribute depend on your choices as you raise him.

How it works

Every stage that you Digivolve yourVorvomon to a next stage determines one of the traits of your final Volcanicdramon. The way you Digivolve your Vaubmon depends on what kind of fragments you use on it. The specifics of these choices and what they cost can be found further down this page. You will also need special event digifuel to Digivolve any Digimon within the Volcanicdramon line. The options will be visible in the Digivolution menu in the game. The traits are determined as follows:

Base Results Trait
Vorvomon (Rookie) Lavorvomon (Champion) Color / Stat Preference
Lavorvomon (Champion) Lavogaritamon (Ultimate) Physical / Magical choice
Lavogaritamon (Ultimate) Volcanicdramon (MEGA) Attribute Choice

Explained: When you Digivolve yourVorvomon to Lavorvomon, you will determine its general stat route. For example, you may choose the offensive route (orange color). After this your Lavorvomon will have 2 options to Digivolve - the offensive route you took now gives you the ATK and SATK options. After that, your Lavogaritamon will have 7 options, one for each kind of attribute you would want to turn it in to.

Also a nice feature is that your Volcanicdramon will receive a major leader skill when it is at its MEGA stage that fits the stat choice you make throughout his earlier Digivolutions. This is automatically added to your Volcanicdramon when you Digivolve to MEGA and also resets when you awaken it again.

Path Leader Skill Signature Skill
ATK Ancient Lupine Lunge 600 / 97 / 1%
Massive Physical Fire damage to a Single Enemy
SATK Ancient Arcane Tracery 600 / 97 / 1%
Massive Magical Fire damage to a Single Enemy
DEF Ancient Dragon's Blessing 300 / 90 / 1%
Moderate Physical Fire damage to All enemies
with a 20% chance to Paralyze for 2 rounds
SDEF Ancient Protective Array 300 / 90 / 1%
Moderate Magical Fire damage to All enemies
with a 20% chance to Paralyze for 2 rounds
SPD + ATK Ancient Lupine Lunge 500 / 97 / 20%
Massive Physical Fire damage to a Single Enemy
SPD + SATK Ancient Arcane Tracery 500 / 97 / 20%
Massive Magical Fire damage to a Single Enemy
BALANCED HP Ultrabooster 120 / 90 / 9%
Multiple hits (3) of minor Physical Fire damage to All enemies
Digivolution Costs

1. Choose Stat Preference / Color

Vorvomon Lavorvomon

Digivolve yourVorvomon to determine its stat preference and color. Using certain fragments in its Digivolution will determine the path it will take. For example, choosing the DEFENSIVE Digivolve (PlatinumNumemon + Vikemon fragments) will allow you to Digivolve to the DEF or SDEF paths afterwards only.

Goes to ATK / SATK path
Goes to DEF / SDEF path

SPEED (Blue)
Goes to SPD + ATK/SATK
Goes to balanced path
Stage * *
- 7 3 3 600
11 5 5 1000
14 6 6 2000
21 9 9 3000
21 9 9 5000
*Replace the frags in this table with the ones of the path you want to choose

2. Choose stat path (physical / magic)

Lavorvomon Lavogaritamon

Digivolving to Lavogaritamon will determine your final stat decision. Your options are limited to which choice you made at step one. Read above for an example.

Only in offensive path
Only in offensive path

Only in defensive path
Only in defensive path
Only in speed path
Only in speed path

Only in balanced path
Stage * * *
- 3 5 4 4 4 2700
5 8 7 7 7 4500
6 10 8 8 8 9000
9 15 12 12 12 13500
9 15 12 12 12 22500
*Replace the frags in this table with the ones of the path you want to choose

3. Choose attribute

Lavogaritamon Volcanicdramon

On the final digivolution to MEGA, Volcanicdramon will gain an attribute (typing) of your choice. These follow the regular model of weaknesses and resistances for each type. Take note of the order in which the fragments are listed in the tables on the left. They are the same order in the table on the right as you replace them.

Stage * * *
- 3 5 6 5 5 9000
5 8 10 8 8 15000
6 10 12 10 10 30000
9 15 18 15 15 45000
9 15 18 15 15 60000
*Replace the frags in this table with the ones of the path you want to choose
Resistance Training

Volcanicdramon and his earlier stages have unique resistance training costs. These costs are the same across all levels of awakening.

10 15 20 38
5 7 10 20
4 7 8 16
10 10 15 20
10 10 10 15
Total Costs

The table below has summations of all the materials needed to go up a stage and how many you will need to go from 0 to +4. As you can see you will need a lot of fragments besides the special event fuel. Luckily only the path you take on +4 matters unless you want to keep it at a lower stage so at least you won't need many specific fragments for raising him to +3.

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